OregonSaves can help you find the financial help you need.

The State of Oregon wants to help you succeed in all areas of financial health, not just retirement. Consult the organizations below for helpful information on everything from financial education to tax assistance and much more.

Financial Wellness

Oregon Financial Empowerment Quarterly
This Oregon statewide financial wellness blog series, from the Financial Empowerment Advisory Team, provides accessible financial learning – which leads to wiser decisions, less stress, more saving, and more consumer confidence.

Budgeting, Banking, and Credit

Bank On Oregon
Bank On Oregon is committed to providing access to financial solutions that support all Oregonians. Bank On Oregon unites consumer advocates, financial education providers, banks and credit unions, state and local governments, and community institutions, enabling individuals, families, and communities to access the financial marketplace.

CFPB: Consumer Tools
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a U.S. Government agency that provides education, current news, data, and research for consumers on a wide range of financial topics.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services
Consumer Credit Counseling Services—or CCCS—is a national nonprofit organization with offices around the country, each designed to help you find a workable solution to financial problems.

CASA: Oregon IDA Initiative
CASA of Oregon is committed to supporting the financial needs of families and individuals throughout Oregon, especially those who live in rural parts of the state. CASA of Oregon has a variety of programs and resources that build prosperity in diverse communities statewide.

Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon
Every day, Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO) stays true to its mission: “To elevate and empower historically excluded and under resourced entrepreneurs with tailored business assistance and flexible capital to build family wealth through small business ownership.” From advising and lending to education and marketing, MESO can you’re your small business start up and take off.

The Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) offers education, best practices, and information to help all Americans make sound financial decisions.

NeighborWorks: Oregon IDA Initiative
NeighborWorks a private nonprofit, has a variety of programs, services, and resources that promote stability and economic growth for residents of Coos, Curry, Douglas, and Josephine Counties.

WSCAT: Oregon IDA Initiative
The Warm Springs Community Action Team (WSCAT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community development organization located on and committed to supporting the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

Career, Education, and Coaching

Metropolitan Family Service: Financial capabilities
This local service organization offers one-on-one consulting and workshops designed to help families develop budgeting, saving, and credit knowledge.

WorkSource Portland Metro
WorkSource Portland Metro strives to help residents prepare for a variety of job-related skills, including referrals, coaching, resume writing, training, and more.

Homeownership and Housing Assistance

Hacienda CDC
The Hacienda Community Development Corporation (CDC) provides affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement, and educational opportunities.

NeighborImpact’s mission is to help meet the needs of more than 55,000 households each year in Central Oregon, from housing and food assistance to education and financial support.

Portland Housing Center
This local organization helps homebuyers with individualized counselling, down payment assistance for qualified buyers, and direct funding of first and second mortgages, especially for first-time homebuyers.

Savings Assistance

Financial Beginnings: Youth financial education
Financial Beginnings delivers no-cost financial programming to 40,000 people every year. This national nonprofit prioritizes its resources to financially empower low-to-moderate income households, particularly K-12 students and adults.

IRCO: Oregon IDA Initiative
The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) is a community-based organization that provides ongoing support to immigrants, refugees, and mainstay residents. Through programming, outreach, and educational opportunities, IRCO fosters open communication between Oregon residents of all backgrounds.

NAYA: Oregon IDA Initiative
NAYA, the Native American Youth and Family Center, is one organization that support and promotes the values of numerous tribes. Through culturally specific programs and services, NAYA provides a supportive environment that nurtures the diverse strength of the community’s youth and families.

Neighborhood Partnerships: Oregon IDA Initiative
Neighborhood Partnerships is a statewide nonprofit that helps to build and manage relationships in communities throughout Oregon. Through the ongoing support of donors, public agencies and leaders, nonprofit and tribal partners, community networks, and more, Neighborhood Partnership can make a positive impact on every day.

Oregon Division of Financial Regulation: Consumer Advocates
The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation has a team of consumer advocates to help you get answers to a wide range of financial-related issues. Whether you need assistance with a foreclosure, managing a credit freeze, choosing a financial planner, or more, this division of the state is there for you, free of charge.

Project Youth+: Oregon IDA Initiative
Project Youth+ prepares low-income, first-generation and under-represented youth to thrive in school, college and careers.

SaverLife is dedicated to a more equitable America and helps incentivize saving through prizes, rewards, expert resources, and gameplay.

529 College Savings and ABLE Savings Plans

Oregon College Savings Plan
An Oregon College Savings Plan can help you plan for all educational possibilities—including college, trade school, apprenticeships, and certifications.

Oregon ABLE Savings Plan
An Oregon ABLE Savings Plan allows individuals living with disabilities, or their parents or guardians, to set aside money for ongoing care, without impacting government benefits.

Tax Assistance

CASH Oregon
CASH (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) Oregon offers job help including job readiness, work experience and volunteer opportunities, on-the-job training, and subsidized employment.