Help your employees save for retirement

Oregon employers who don’t offer a workplace retirement plan must complete registration or certify exemption before their required deadline.

Designed to give employers an easy way to support retirement savings

  • No employer fees

  • No fiduciary responsibility

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Benefit to attract and retain employees

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Business eligibility

OregonSaves applies only to businesses that don’t offer a qualified retirement savings plan for their employees.

If you already offer a plan, your business has no W2 employees, or you’re a sole proprietor, use your unique Access Code and EIN to certify your exemption.

What employers need to know

  • Registering your business takes just a few minutes.

  • There are no fees for employers.

  • Employers serve a limited role: Add employees and submit employee contributions with built-in payroll integration.

  • OregonSaves provides you with support so that you can focus on running your business.

  • Employers cannot make contributions to employee accounts.

What employees need to know

  • Their OregonSaves account is a Roth IRA (after tax).

  • The default savings rate is 5 percent of gross pay, and they can change their rate at any time.

  • They will be auto-enrolled after 30 days if they do not opt out, and they will begin saving through payroll contributions.

  • They can opt out and back in at any time.

  • Their account is portable. It stays with them even if they leave your workplace.

A 2019 study by national nonprofit Commonwealth found that simply offering a savings option at work reduced employee stress and improved productivity, retention, and loyalty.

Rise with the Raise. The Promise of Straightforward Employer Benefits for Building Lower-Wage Employee Financial Security. Commonwealth. (2019, July). https://buildcommonwealth.org/news/post/rise-with-the-raise-release.

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