Are H-2A visa holders eligible for the program?

Yes, however, you can be enrolled and have an account created only if you work for more than 60 days and if enough verifiable information is available to create an account in your name. If the program is unable to verify your information, an account will not be established for you.

I’m a seasonal employee, am I eligible?

Yes, if you work for an employer for more than 60 days, which is the window for employers to enroll new hires. If you work for fewer than 60 days, your employer will not enroll you.

If I am a work-study student, can I enroll?

Full-time students in work-study programs cannot be enrolled.

Are workers of only certain immigration statuses eligible for the program? What about undocumented workers?

Only workers with a verifiable individual tax identification number (ITIN) or Social Security number (SSN) can participate in the program. If your information cannot be verified, you will not be enrolled, and an account will not be established for you.

Could joining OregonSaves impact my eligibility for college financial aid?

In general, qualified retirement accounts are not counted towards federal financial aid. However, it is important to note that withdrawals from IRAs can jeopardize financial aid for the year following the withdrawal. We suggest you carefully review your own circumstances with a tax expert, financial advisor, or your financial aid office.

Could joining OregonSaves impact my eligibility for federal programs like SNAP or TANF?

In general, federal benefits programs do not count retirement assets against a person's eligibility. For more information, check with your benefits office.