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  • When do I need to add new employees?

    Employers have 60 days from the date of hire to add a new employee in OregonSaves or accept their election to opt out of the program.

  • When do you get IRS Form 5498?

    The plan administrator must file Form 5498 to the IRS by May 31 each year — and you will receive a copy of the form. The deadline to file the form is later than other tax forms. This is because your retirement contributions are due for the previous tax year on the tax return due date, tax deadline,...

  • When is IRS Form 1099-R available?

    You should receive the 1099-R no later than early February after the calendar year of the retirement account distribution since the plan administrator must send it by January 31. You will receive it via mail or electronic delivery based on your account communications preferences.

  • Where can I find a copy of the program rules?

    The OregonSaves program rules are posted here.

  • Where can I find help setting up my employer account?

    Whether you’re new to OregonSaves or are a long-time user, you’ll find enhanced employer portal is designed to be easy to use and navigate. The portal features built-in help articles and tips along the way. If you need a hand, you can access support any time at...

  • Where can I find information about investments, fees, risks, and other program details?

    The information you want is detailed in our Program Description.

  • Where do my automatic contributions go?

    Your contributions are deposited into your own personal Roth IRA account that moves right along with you as you change jobs. Your OregonSaves account will always be completely within your control.

  • Which businesses are eligible to participate in OregonSaves?

    All Oregon businesses must facilitate OregonSaves, unless they already offer a qualified, employer-sponsored retirement plan.

  • Which company is administering the program?

    The Oregon Retirement Savings Board has selected Vestwell State Savings, LLC, dba Sumday Administration, as the program’s new administrator. Sumday, a Vestwell Holdings, Inc. company, is an experienced retirement and college savings services provider and will act as the IRA trustee, manage account...

  • Who decided to make changes to the program?

    In conversations initiated by the previous OregonSaves service provider, the State of Oregon and Ascensus were not able to reach terms agreeable to both parties on proposed changes to the program structure. OregonSaves was designed to serve those most in need of building financial security and it...