What do employees need to do after I add them?

Your employees will be enrolled automatically in OregonSaves unless they choose to opt out, and they will have 30 days to decide after you add them to the program. Once employees are enrolled, they can choose to do nothing or customize their savings options. You will set up payroll deductions for each employee in your employer portal, either with the standard savings rate for those who elected to do nothing, or at a custom savings rate for other participants. Deductions will start as soon as your next payroll. If an employee chooses to opt out, they will be removed automatically from the program and can always rejoin at a later time.

What does automatic enrollment mean?

Eligible employees are enrolled automatically in OregonSaves once they are added by their employer. Employees have 30 days to opt out of payroll contributions will begin automatically for employees at the standard savings rate, or a custom savings rate if they so choose.

Do employees need to fill out paperwork to enroll or make changes?

Employees are enrolled automatically once they are added by their employers and do not need to fill out any paperwork. Once enrolled, employees can manage most account functions online, however, OregonSaves also makes printable forms available for certain account changes. Our customer service team is always available if your employees need additional help or have questions.

What is required of employers to facilitate OregonSaves?

As part of the registration process, you will provide a list of your employees and your payroll information. After 30 days, you will need to update your participating employees’ contribution rates within your employer portal to ensure accurate payroll deductions. From that point on, you will just need to keep your employees’ payroll contribution rates and staff list up to date.

Can I have a designated employee or payroll services provider complete the onboarding process?

Yes. You can elect to add “teammates” to your account to help facilitate the OregonSaves program if you choose not to do it yourself. This could be an authorized employee or even staff from your payroll provider. The program is designed to work seamlessly with many payroll provider systems.

Can I get help when setting up my employer account?

Absolutely. The redesigned employer portal has a number of articles and How To tips to help you set up and manage your account. Just visit https://oregonsaves.zendesk.com/hc/en-us to access this support.