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Frequently asked questions for employers

What is the timeline to register?

All eligible employers are encouraged to register at this time but are required to register no later than the following deadline:

·      Employers with 1-2 employees: Deadline - July 31, 2023

Employers with 3 or more employees. Your deadline has passed. Register now to avoid penalties.

·      Employers with 3-4 employees: March 1, 2023

·      Employers with 5-9 employees: November 15, 2019

·      Employers with 10-19 employees: May 15, 2019

·      Employers with 20 or more employees: December 15, 2018

·      Employers with 50-99 employees: May 15, 2018

·      Employers with 100+ employees: November 15, 2017 

How will I know when I have to register and add my employees?

You’ll get a series of reminders and onboarding communications from OregonSaves when it’s time for you to participate. If you already offer a qualified, employer-sponsored retirement plan, this will also be your chance to certify your exemption from the program.

Can my company join the program before its required date?

You can join at any time. The required date is considered to be your deadline to comply.

Simply visit our sign-up page, then enter your EIN and Access Code. If you have not yet received a formal invitation letter with your Access Code, please reach out to our call center for assistance at 1-844-661-1256.