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Frequently asked questions for savers

How do I set up my OregonSaves account online after I’m enrolled?

If you choose to participate, set up your account here and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need help, just give us a call at 1-844-661-6777. 

Can I set up my account or opt out without using the website?

Yes. Please contact client services at 1-844-661-6777 for assistance.

What happens to my account if I move out of state?

Your OregonSaves IRA belongs to you. If you continue to work for an employer that facilitates OregonSaves, you can participate with your same account via payroll contributions. If your new employer doesn’t facilitate the program, you can make contributions on your own through your bank account. You can also roll over or transfer your savings into an IRA outside of OregonSaves, if that IRA accepts rollovers or transfers.

What happens to my account if I change employers?

Your OregonSaves IRA belongs to you. Your money will always remain in your retirement savings account under your control. If your new employer facilitates the program, OregonSaves will notify you and payroll contributions will begin at your new job, unless you choose to opt out. If your new employer offers a qualified, employer-sponsored retirement plan, they are not required to facilitate. However, you can contribute directly to your OregonSaves account through your bank account or by check via a paper mail-in form.