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Frequently asked questions for savers

Could joining OregonSaves impact my eligibility for college financial aid?

In general, qualified retirement accounts are not counted towards federal financial aid. However, it is important to note that withdrawals from IRAs can jeopardize financial aid for the year following the withdrawal. We suggest you carefully review your own circumstances with a tax expert, financial advisor, or your financial aid office.

Could joining OregonSaves impact my eligibility for federal programs like SNAP or TANF?

In general, federal benefits programs do not count retirement assets against a person's eligibility. For more information, check with your benefits office.

Is investing in OregonSaves the same as putting money in a bank?

No, there are big differences. Banks offer checking and savings accounts that pay interest and may offer other savings and investment products. OregonSaves helps you save through payroll contributions to your own personal Roth IRA account. Your contributions are invested in various targeted, market-based investments.

Is there a risk of losing my money?

All investing involves some risk, including the risk of losing the money you invest. OregonSaves offers a range of investments with various levels of risk to help you meet your goals depending on your age, distance from retirement, and risk tolerance. We also offer a Money Market option that is intended to be a cash-like fund seeking to help investors preserve the value of their savings by investing in money market securities. There are other risks to consider, apart from your investment fund selections. If you do not have sufficient retirement income you may outlive your savings, and inflation can reduce the value of the savings you accumulate.

What about market volatility?

While there is always a risk of loss, investing for retirement should be approached with a long-term goal to grow your savings over time. Investments will fluctuate—there’s no way to time your investment activity to only benefit from positive gains. OregonSaves offers investment options with various risk levels. Choose the one(s) that best fit your risk tolerance.

What if I don’t select investments for my account?

If you are enrolled in OregonSaves with the standard savings choices and do not make any investment selections, your funds will be invested temporarily in the Capital Preservation Fund for 30 days after your initial contribution. After 30 days, if you have not changed your investment strategy, your funds will be exchanged automatically to a default Target Retirement Date Fund based on your date of birth.

How can I learn more about investment options?

You can find general information about available funds here or talk to a financial advisor about your investment options.

Who is responsible for choosing the available investment options?

The Oregon Retirement Savings Board is responsible for making decisions about the investment options available to participants of the program.

Does the program have an investment consultant?

Yes. The program has a private investment consultant that provides input and feedback about investments to the Board.